• Payroll

  • Short-Term Disability / Disaster Leave

    Short-term disability or disaster leave payments are not treated as eligible salary for
    either the PERA retirement plan or the TRA retirement plan, per guidance
    received from both plans.

    What does this mean? Depending on which retirement plan you are a
    member of, the normal contributions you make on your earned salary will not
    apply to these types of salary payments, nor will the district’s contribution
    be made.

    This leave may affect your retirement calculations. If you wish to buy back this service credit
    from your retirement plan, you should contact your plan. PERA will send a letter explaining the
    purchase option once your employment status moves from leave of absence to
    active status. TRA will send a confirmation letter at the beginning of your leave.

    All basic-sick leave hours available to employee are used during the short-term
    disability or disaster leave period. If the leave period includes July 1st, the district will use basic-sick
    leave from both school years.