• Payroll

  • Glossary of Payroll Terms

    EAC - Employee Access Center is a secure online system on the Internet that gives you access to your payroll payments, leave balance and details, benefits, licensures, personal information, W-2’s, and employment verification. This system was implemented July 1, 2017 and takes the place of myView.

    Statutory Deductions -deductions required by law, such as federal income tax withholding, state income tax withholding, Social Security & Medicare tax, TRA, PERA.
    PERA - Public Employees Retirement Association
    TRA - Teachers Retirement Association
    Voluntary Deductions -all deductions that are not Statutory Deductions. May include, but not limited to, insurances, elective retirement savings, union dues and others.
    TSA -Tax Sheltered Annuity 403(b) retirement plan, which is a pre-tax contribution.
    ROTH – a 403(b) retirement plan which is not a pre-tax contribution.
    DCP – Deferred Compensation Plan for retirement, which has a pre-tax contribution, or a ROTH which is not a pre-tax contribution.