• Payroll

  • Judicial Leave

    The procedure for jury duty leave and payment is as follows: For teachers, Judicial Leave is selected as their absence reason on the substitute system. For employees using myView Leave system, Judicial Leave is selected as the absence reason.  For hourly employees, using the myTime system the description of “jury duty” should be selected when logging time. 

    Initially, the employee is paid their regular wage. The employee should cash the check received from the courts. A copy of the court check stub needs to be forwarded to Payroll. A deduction from wages will be made on the following paycheck for the daily reimbursement amount. The employee is entitled to keep the mileage reimbursement.

    Employees may also receive parking reimbursement from the district if they submit the original receipts along with Form 7027-Employee Expense Report. This form needs to be forwarded to the Controller, Ra Chhoth. This expense reimbursement is paid by accounts payable.