• WE WILL ONLY ACCEPT DIGITAL SUBMISSIONS VIA the images.jostens.com website. No hard copies will be accepted. 

    DUE DATE: All senior portraits must be submitted by Sunday, November 1st!


    Process for submitting/uploading senior portrait: 

    Consider the importance of a yearbook photo - formal poses are recommended and we will not accept any photos deemed inappropriate for a yearbook. Yearbook photos should include ONLY the subject's head and shoulders; please advise your photographer of this If photos include more than head and shoulders,  WE WILL CROP THEM due to our desire for consistency and yearbook space restrictions. Samples of acceptable photos appear below.

     Sample headshot 2

    Choose the image (see requirements below) that you want in the yearbook and make sure that you OR your photographer follow the directions below and upload the chosen image to the Jostens website BY Sunday, Nov. 1st.  Jostens will confirm a successful image upload by sending a confirmation email. Ask your photographer to forward the confirmation email to you if your photographer uploads the photo. Please do not contact the Whigrean advisor to confirm the confirmation :)


    • Choose the digital photo file to be uploaded. You must submit a VERTICAL HEAD SHOT for the yearbook.  Each student may only submit ONE photo. Send a 300 ppi (pixels per inch) or higher resolution JPEG file. 300 dpi per inch resolution means we need at least an aspect ratio of .75, or 450 X 600 pixels for the 1 1/2 X 2 " size that the photo will be in the yearbook.
    • Provide parent or photographer contact information. (Person uploading the photo should enter his/her information.)
    • Provide IMAGE information
    • Type student’s first and last name as you would like it to appear in the yearbook. It is extremely important to spell the student’s name correctly.
    1. Select grade 12 from the drop down menu
    2. In the description field, type: senior portrait
    3. Click the box to agree to terms and conditions
    4. Click on “upload chosen images” in gray box to complete the process. If the Jostens site is overloaded, which frequently happens around the deadline date, please try again later. It is best not to wait until the last minute if you wish to avoid this problem. 
    5. You will see a confirmation page and should receive a confirmation email shortly after your submission of the photo. KEEP THIS EMAIL!
    Be sure you included the student's first and last name!
      3. Did your photographer submit your senior's photo? Do you need peace of mind?
    Ask your photographer to send you the Jostens submission confirmation email, if you are concerned. If you are unsure as to which photo your photographer uploaded, ask the photographer to send you a thumbnail of the image to verify. Whigrean will contact all seniors whose photos we have not received one week before the deadline.  If you are not contacted - we received it. 
    Seniors enjoy the lasting keepsake their senior portraits provide. Whigrean wants to include all seniors' photos, but we need your help! We need senior photos delivered to us before November to ensure that they are included in the yearbook. Late photos will not be included in the yearbook due to printing deadlines. Do not delay in getting those pictures taken! Thanks for your help with this!

    To make sure you look your best in the yearbook, Whigrean recommends the following:

    1. Get your photo taken by a professional

    We have compiled a list of professional photographers that seniors have used in the past for their senior photos.  We cannot guarantee quality; we are simply providing a list of possible options as a service to seniors and their parents.  Be sure to book early, as many photographers will not have your prints available until 15-30 days after your session.  Please have the photos taken by August 31st to guarantee they will be ready by our deadline.

    Whigrean requires a VERTICAL HEAD SHOT for the yearbook picture, even if the student chooses to have other poses taken. 

    We recommend having your senior photos taken in the summer after your junior year as the deadline comes up fast once we get back to school. Remember to book early, to ensure that you meet our deadline and receive your pictures in a timely fashion, as many studios fill up quickly.

    Adam Kennedy http://adamkennedyphotography.com/

    Amy Berge 612.806.3976 https://www.amyberge.com

    Andrew Vick Photography, Edina & Living Room Studios, (952) 929-4295

    Annie Marie Photography, (952) 470-2118

    Avalon Photography, (952) 922-6300

    Borg Images, Eden Prairie, (952) 212-8888

    David Bank Studios, Crystal, (763) 571-2265

    Elizabeth Grace Photography, Chaska (952) 994-9358

    Heather Fenske Photography, (612) 860-9456

    The Imagery, (952) 890-7640

    Lauren Baker Arts, (952) 412-6465

    Lauren Kiesel, (612) 743-9566 https://www.laurenkieselphotography.com

    Megan Norman Photography, Minneapolis, (952) 484-4810

    Middleton Photography, St. Louis Park, (952) 926-2869

    Nicki C Photography, (612) 202-4399

    Party Crashers Photography, Chaska, (952) 368-1941

    Patrick Nau, (612) 722-7911

    Redmond Digital Media http://redmonddigitalmedia.com/seniors

    Shelley Anderson Photography, (952) 472-5611

    Steve Lucas Photography, Eden Prairie, (952) 949-0578

    Sweet Light Studio, Minneapolis, (612) 460-1212

    TeMo Photo/ T.E. Morris temorris@gmail.com temophoto.com

    Michelle Mero Riedel 612-599-3246 https://senior.riedelphoto.com/



  • Use this form to request that Whigrean cover your club or event!  

    Click here to access the Google Form.

    We are also happy to consider including candid action photos taken by parents, advisors, or team/club members. Please send an email to daniel.amborn@edinaschools.org (the Whigrean advisor) - include "Whigrean" in the subject line - with information about the photo (photographer's full name, full names and grade levels of all students or faculty in the photo, what was happening in the photo, and any relevant background or context that will help our staff write the caption. We will also need a contact email of someone in the photo or who was at the event so that we can interview them about the photo. 

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