• O'Keefe - Grade 5

  • If you love to read, maybe you're looking for your next great read.  If you don't love to read, maybe you haven't found the right book yet!  Either way, it's time for you to get lost...in a great book.  Here are some books that I loved in 5th grade...I also polled my friends to see what they were loving back then:
    1) The Great Brain
       My teacher read this book aloud and I remember thinking it was a great read for boys and girls alike.  Tom is the Great Brain, and spends his time getting in and out of trouble with his two brothers.  Luckily his clever mind and logical thinking usually saves the day.
    2) The Giver
       When I read and saw 'The Hunger Games,' it reminded me of this book, also set in the future.  It's a good read because of the way the author writes, but also because it makes you think of what things may be like in the future... 
    3) Holes
    I had to read this for a college class on Children's Literature and I LOVED the story. It was interesting and had just enough adventure and mystery to make it a little scary...but not too scary. I definitely recommend for someone who just "can't find a good book."
    4) A Wrinkle in Time
    5) Island of the Blue Dolphins
    6) Bridge to Terebithia
    7) The Secret Garden
    8) Matilda, The Witches (or other stuff by Roald Dahl)
    9) Dear Mr. Henshaw
    10) A Summer to Die
    So, I know this sounds like a morbid or murderous book. It's definitely not the latter, and in my opinion it isn't the former either (morbid). I found myself in 5th grade really liking that moment when a book just "gets you," and there is definitely that moment in this book (catharsis?). Plus, one of the characters is named Molly :)
    Recommended by Lucy Yang (6th grade)
    Counting by 7s-Holly Goldberg Sloan
    Phantom Tollbooth-Norton Juster (good for a more challenging read-and it's a CLASSIC)
    Before I Fall-this is a little more teen-oriented, but the idea is really good.
    The Warrior Heir Series- For all the fantasy people
    Redwall Series- Again, for a more classic/challenging read.
    Inheritance Series-For the fantasy people (first book is Eragon)
    There is also EON and EONA, about the Ancient Chinese zodiac. This is also teen-oriented, but the details and plot amazing. Probably my favorite so far