• Chemical Violations and Penalties

    Edina High School follows the guidelines set by the Minnesota State High School League, as stated in the information bulletin, under “Mood Altering Chemicals”, Section 19. In reference to Edina Public Schools Board Policy 627 IV, Edina High School will also include possession or consumption of any mood altering chemicals as a violation. Edina penalties and procedures supersede MSHSL Rules. The student will meet with the activities director before continued participation is allowed.

    1. First Violation:
    After a violation has been determined, the student shall lose eligibility for the next two (2) consecutive interscholastic contests or two (2) weeks, fourteen (14) calendar days, of a season in which the student is a participant, whichever is greater. In addition, the student athlete will be required to perform six (6) hours of school or community service prior to having eligibility restored.

    2a. Second Violation - Out of Season:
    After a violation has been determined, the student shall lose eligibility for the next six (6) consecutive interscholastic contests or three weeks, 21 calendar days, whichever is greater. In addition, the student will be required to perform 12 hours of school and/or community service prior to having eligibility restored.

    2b. Second Violation - During Season: “Zero Tolerance” 
    Season starts after the individual student registers and signs forms. Student that uses or possesses during his or her season will be dismissed from the team for remainder of the season. With less than 6 contests remaining, penalty will carry over to next season of participation. In addition, 12 hours of school/community service must be completed before any participation or practice in another activity.

    3. Third Violation: 
    No further participation permitted on any interscholastic teams for remainder of his/her high school years.
    4. Captains: 
    In reference to MSHSL Bylaw 209.00, any harassment, hazing*, or chemical violation (as adopted by Edina Public Schools) after a student is named captain of a team or named to a position of official leadership within an extra-curricular activity, will result in the loss of the leadership position for the season, or for the first season for which the student has been selected as a leader. A student with two violations will not be eligible for any extra-curricular leadership position for the duration of the high school career.

    Hazing activities of any type are prohibited at all times. This policy applies to behavior that occurs on or off school property, during or after regular school hours, and applies to the weekends and during the summer months. Hazing, by its very nature, often occurs off school grounds, after school hours, on non-school days, and during summer months. Students are advised that hazing is prohibited whenever and wherever it occurs.

    5. Accumulative Penalties: 
    Penalties shall be accumulative beginning with the student’s first participation in a League or school sponsored activity and continuing through the student’s high school career.

    6. Denial Disqualification: 
    A student shall be disqualified from all interscholastic activities for nine (9) additional weeks beyond the student’s original period of ineligibility when the student denies violation of the rule, is allowed to participate, and then is subsequently found guilty of the violation.