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    Please also visit our Insurance FAQ or Dental FAQ pages.  

    Dental insurance for eligible district employees is available through Delta Dental. Open enrollment is in the fall for January 1, through PlanSource.  For status changes at any time of the year, please contact Sara Riegel.
    Our group number is #6070. You need to use the subscriber ID not just for the subscriber, but for anyone in the family that is covered under this insurance.

    Delta does not send out new insurance cards every year.  If you have not made changes to your dental coverage, do not expect to see new cards in January.  You can always contact Delta if you need replacement cards.

    Please refer to your cost sheet based on your contract for your monthly premium amount.

    Delta Dental Benefit Summary - Download this document for a two-page summary of benefits & FAQ's (same as the one provided during enrollment).  Or, for the fine print (long version), click here.
    Oral Health Information Site  Dental Dental MN blog.  You can sign up for email updates.

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