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    Eligible employees receive group life insurance according to their master agreement or guidebook.  Effective, January 1, 2015, our group life/AD&D/LTD broker is National Insurance Services.  NIS administers the coverage underwritten by Madison Life.  The District continues to pay 100% of the premium. Employee enrollment in group coverage is automatic.  In addition, eligible employees may also elect supplemental life insurance, which they can pay for through payroll deductions. How much does it cost?

    Eligible employees receive group Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance according to their master agreement or guidebook.  National Insurance Services is the 2015 provider.  Enrollment is automatic for group AD&D insurance and the premium is paid by the district.  In addition, eligible employees may also elect personal accident insurance (also called "voluntary AD&D"), which they can pay for through payroll deductions. 

    Eligible employees receive group long-term disability (income protection) insurance, paid by the district, according to their master agreement or guidebook. National Insurance Services is the 2015 provider. Enrollment is automatic for group LTD insurance and the premium is paid by the district. There is no voluntary or supplemental LTD or short-term disability insurance available through the district.

    Don't we have...? 

    You've heard about some products associated with life/LTD but don't know where to look for information. Some of those details are brought together here and in a number of fliers available on the right.

    • an Employee Assistance Program?  
      Included for employees with your basic life and LTD coverage.  Look on the right under NIS Documents.  Non-EM/E employees who carry the district's BlueCross BlueShield insurance have an additional EAP available.
    • voluntary AD&D insurance?
      YES!  You may elect to purchase voluntary AD&D insurance (also called personal accident insurance).  Look on the right under NIS Documents for the rate sheet.
    • voluntary disability insurance?  
      NO, we do not offer short-term disability insurance beyond the short-term coverage (also known as "disaster leave") that may be in your agreement and long-term coverage paid by the district.  You may shop independently for that sort of insurance. Long-term disability insurance is described above.
    • identity theft assistance?  
      YES, there is free identity theft assistance associated with your basic life insurance. Look on the right under NIS Documents. This is not monitoring, but can help you through the steps you need to take if you become a victim of identify theft.
    • long-term care insurance?  
      NO, long-term care insurance is not offered through the district, but you can obtain information on it from the document on the right through CNA, or Corporate Health Systems can provide you with the CNA information. You can also read about LTC insurance in the FAQs.
    •  life insurance conversion option?

      If you wish to take advantage of this option, you must make a written application for this provision within 31 days of your last date of eligibility.  If you fail to elect this provision within the given 31 day time period, you will not be able to take advantage of this provision at a later date.  If you have any questions or need further information, please contact National Insurance Services at 800-627-3660 or follow the site listed below:

    The site (www.LifeConvMNL.com) provides:
    Instantaneous quotes once basic information is provided
    Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
    HRMP contact information for support
    A fillable form and online instructions of how to proceed 

    Aged Life Table (supplemental life rates)

     This table as well as rates for dependent children and for voluntary AD&D are available in PDF to the right under NIS documents.
    Employee/Spouse Aged Life Rates MONTHLY Rate per $1,000 of coverage
    Less than 30 $0.06
    30-34 $0.08
    35-39 $0.10
    40-44 $0.12
    45-49 $0.18
    50-54 $0.31
    55-59 $0.50
    60-64 $0.77
    65-69 $1.48
    70-74 $2.70
    75+ $2.70

EAP Services

  • Employee Assistance Services are available to employees carrying life insurance through the district.  They are offered by NIS and administered by Bensinger DuPont & Associates in two ways:
    Call toll-free: 866.451.5465
    Please note:  Tell them you receive EAP service through National Insurance Services, not through the school district.
    Password: NISenhanced

Certificates of Coverage

  • You may use these links to download LTD Certificates:

    Group life certificates are broken out into 13 classes.  For a PDF version of yours, please email us. To avoid confusion, we are not posting every group's certificate, but will send the specific one for your group upon request.

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