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  • Reimbursement Accounts 

    Benny® Prepaid Benefits Card

    Do not throw your card away!  
    It will be reloaded each year when you elect a reimbursement plan.
    District contribution amounts for each type of insurance are available in your labor group contract/agreement. Employee contributions are made on a pretax basis for medical and dental insurance. If the district contribution is greater than the premium for the medical plan elected, the excess may be deposited into a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA)-- whether or not this happens varies by group.

    Eligible employees (those assigned to work 17.5 hours or more per week in a non-casual position) may elect to contribute pretax dollars to a flexible spending account (FSA) through payroll deductions. There are two types of FSA's: one is for medical and related expenses, and the other is for dependent care (daycare). These are commonly called "flex" accounts.  You can download the Health FSA guide to understand flex accounts better.

    PlanSource is the district’s benefits administrator for both Flex and HRA claims; the process for submitting claims is the same for both types of reimbursement. If you have a Flex reimbursement plan, all claims will be reimbursed from that until it is depleted; then claims will automatically be reimbursed from your HRA (if you have one). 

    You can submit claims online through PlanSource consumer portal, or you can continue to submit on paper.  Forms are available on the PlanSource site and in the online Staff Handbook. The documents below contain answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding reimbursement accounts. There is a flex FAQ page as well.

    Downloadable Flex Documents

    FSA guide

    Health FSA Guide contents include:

    • Why Have a Health FSA?
    • Appendix – Qualified Medical Expenses
    • What Are Health FSAs?
    • How Do Health FSAs Work?
    • FSA Case Studies

    Flex Summary Plan Description
    Flex Spending Plan Document
    2019 Reimbursement Schedule
    Health care flex worksheet
    Daycare flex worksheet
    Flex/HRA Claim Form


    One-page reference including FICA wage rates, mileage allowance rate, Flexible Spending notes and much more is available on the Payroll website.