• Team Meals

    Team meals provide a time for team bonding away from practices and games. 

    Team meals usually are scheduled the night prior to a game or breakfast on game day.  Coaches may provide a schedule to captain’s parents as to when they want team meals or it may be left up to the captains and captain parents to determine team meal days. 

    Depending on the size and again traditions of the sport, some teams may have team dinners that include everyone, or just JV and varsity teams while others may just have individual team dinners.  Sometimes a combination of the above can be helpful to build relationships among the younger and older players although size of teams often determines whether or not this is possible.  Again, coaches, captains can help guide this area as well. 

    Generally captain’s parents have a sign-up sheet once the dates of these team dinners/breakfasts have been determined, hopefully prior to the first parent meeting.  Usually there is a host family with a couple other families helping to provide food, set up and clean up. 

    If the team meal is to be located on the East Campus (Edina Community Center and South View Middle School) here are the protocols:

    • Teams can host up to 3 potlucks (per season) at district facilities at the east campus.
    • Potlucks need to be hosted in the cafeteria
    • They can begin @ 5:00 p.m. at South View Middle School and 6:00pm at Normandale. 
    • Closed Sundays
    • To book a space please contact Kristin Biwan at 952-848-3963 or Kristin.biwan@edinaschools.org