Once your team captains are selected for the following year, please send their names to Joe.


    District Facility Rental Procedure - Captain’s Practices

    From the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) Handbook:

    Participation in Captain’s Practice:

    Captain’s Practice is primarily for the purpose of physical conditioning organized and conducted by the students. Students may participate in Captains’ Practice provided that salaried or non-salaried school personnel are not involved in any capacity. It is the responsibility of school officials to become aware of the preseason activities in their school district and to insure that the spirit and intent of the League rules are observed.


    Captains’ practices are not and cannot be district sponsored.  Community Education, in managing facilities scheduling is following Edina Public School district facility policy 902. MSHSL By-laws suggests the following as it pertains to renting district facilities for Captains’ Practice:

    • Captains’ practices need to be secured through Edina Facilities Rental reservations https://www.edinaschools.org/Page/946 and insurance for captains’ practices on Edina Public Schools Facilities is provided by the Edina Athletic Booster Club.  Fees are $13 per hour for rental of district facilities.  Priority use of renting space does not change. 
    • Captains’ Practices must be supervised by an adult (in accordance with MSHSL personnel requirements) and the adult must remain with the students during the practice. 
    • Captains’ must collect Waiver Form (Here) and return all signed forms to the EHS Activities Office in the Edina Athletic Booster Club Mail Box.
    • Facility scheduling for each of the seasons will follow the district scheduling procedure and time frames as outlined:
      • June 1 for fall times
      • October 1 for winter times
      • February 1 for spring times
    • Questions: Please contact Kristin Biwan, District Facilities scheduler at: Kristin.Biwan@edinaschools.org