• Guidelines for Planning a Banquet

    1. Reservations for your banquet location and date should be made as soon as possible.
    2. Banquet and awards programs are often held at locations other than Edina High School. If the banquet is held at an establishment where alcoholic beverages are served, we require that they not be served on this occasion because it is an Edina High School event. That applies to athletes as well as parents and guests. 
    3. An athletic squad may hold a separate banquet and awards program, or it may combine with one or more of the other sports. An early decision should be made as to who will be included at banquet (for example, sophomore, junior varsity and varsity teams). Please announce at the pre-season meetings if date has been set.
    4. All banquet expenses must be paid by parents or the sponsoring organization. These expenses include the cost of programs, decorations, gratuities, etc. The school cannot provide postage or photocopying for the banquet. However, we are happy to help provide addresses for the invitations and answer questions you may have. The costs should not be prohibitive for parents and families. Banquet money should be collected before the date of banquet. 
    5. An informational letter or invitation should be sent to all parents and athletes who are invited to the banquet. If mailing invitations, the athletic department can assist you with providing mailing labels.
    6. Any coaches, their spouses, or school administrators, you choose to invite should be your "guests" and not be expected to pay for their banquet. The “guest list” for your team banquet is determined by the parents and coaches. 
    7. As stated in the Minnesota State High School League bylaw 204.00, “Awards presented to students shall be of a symbolic nature rather than those which have intrinsic value.” Acceptable awards which are not a violation include, but are not limited to balls, medals, ribbons, trophies, plaques, athletic insignia and other items of little or no intrinsic value” that do not excess $100 retail.
    8. If the athletes decide to give a gift to the coach or coaches, that gift should not exceed $100.00 in value.
    9. Fundraisers are possible but not encouraged or promoted.