• Purchasing

    The following process must be use when making purchases. Any expense that does not have prior approval from the Activities Director will be the responsibility of the coach and/or team.
    1.  Complete a Purchase Order Requisition Form and submit it to Troy or Joe. If needed, coaches can work with Steve Tschida to complete this form.
    2. Once approved, Joe will complete a purchase order and have the District Office send a copy to the vendor. 
            If an order is not approved, the coach will be notified.
    3. When the equipment/order arrives, Joe will notify the coach. If the order is received directly by the coach, please notify Joe

    Employee Expense Reimbursement

    Employees that incur expenses must receive prior approval in order to receive reimbursement. Original copies of receipts must be submitted, along with the Employee Expense Reimbursement form