• Scholastic Eligibility

    In reference to MSHSL Bylaw 103.00, Credit Requirements, states that in order to be eligible for interscholastic competition, a student must be making satisfactory progress towards the school requirement for graduation.


    In reference to Edina Public Schools Board Policy 627 VIII A, Edina High School students must have a C- 5.0 GPA average overall and accumulate the following credits prior to the beginning of the designated semester:

    10th Grade, Semester 1                                                Promotion to 10th Grade
    10th Grade, Semester 2                                                5 credits
    11th Grade, Semester 3                                                9 credits
    11th Grade, Semester 4                                                14 credits
    12th Grade, Semester 5                                                19 credits
    12th Grade, Semester 6                                                24 credits 

    A high school student who participates in high school activities who fails to maintain a 5.0 GPA (C- average) at the end of each quarter will be contacted by the appropriate counselor and activities director and a conference will be held with the student, parent, counselor, activities director, and others as determined. The purpose of the conference is to develop a plan for assisting the student to work to his/her potential. The details of the plan will be jointly determined by the participants of the conference.

    Edina Public Schools Board Policy 627 VIII B states that middle school students who wish to participate in high school activities are permitted to do so by district policy and must have passed all of their courses the previous semester. Middle school students are not eligible for credit probationary status. If a student does not pass all of the courses during the semester, he/she will be ineligible to participate in high school activities the following semester.