• First Time Facility Log On

    All head coaches will have the ability to reserve facility space at Edina Public Schools.
    For first-time users, head coaches will receive a verification email.* You will click on the verification to log on initially. 
    *Please note, verification emails will be sent to you primary email address that the Activities Office uses to contact you.

    Facility Rental

    To check availability and to submit all permit requests, click on the following link and log on to 'Account Management' with your email address and password. 


    Practice Schedule Deadlines

    Practice schedules must be submitted online by the following dates for each season. When permitting out your practice facility space, please reserve space through your state tournament dates. This is to prevent the space getting booked out to other groups, in the event you need it for post season practicing. 

    Here are the dates you need to have requests submitted:

    • July 1 – for the space from August 15 – October 31
    • September 15 – for spaces from November 1 – March 14
    • February 1 – for spaces from March 15 - May 31


    Policy 902 language:

    1. Scheduling is based on four seasons:



      August 15 – October 31


      November 1 – March 14


      March 15 – 
      May 31



      June 1 – August 14

      District groups submit requests by

      July 1

      September 15

      February 1


      January 1

      City of Edina submit requests by

      July 15

      October 1

      February 15


      February 1

      All other users submit requests by

      August 1

      October 15

      March 1


      March 1


      There will be a two-week period for the city to make alterations, after which all other users may then submit request by the date listed for the appropriate season.

    Facility Rental 'How To' Video 

    Click here for step-by-step instructions of how to reserve facility space.