• Contracts

    In collaboration with Human Resources, we wanted to make you aware of our hiring process (and some changes) for extracurricular coaches and advisors as well as annual contract renewals.  While most has stayed the same, there are a couple NEW aspects we wanted to call to your attention below:  

    1.       If a coach(s) on your staff is resigning, please have them send an email to Activities Director Troy Stein (Troy.Stein@edinaschools.org) announcing this departure.  This short resignation starts the posting process.

    2.       All coaching positions MUST be posted by Troy (Unless they are booster funded) and approved by Human Resources on the District’s employment website before a new coach can be hired. 

    3.       You may direct interested applicants to the “Employment” section of the Edina Public Schools homepage (www.edinaschools.org) to apply for open coaching/advising position(s).

    4.       Head coaches/advisors hire their staff.  All coaches must be hired by applying on-line.  Once you know who to hire, please send Troy an email with the name of the individual for the AD office to process the new hire paperwork.  Human Resources will complete the hiring process with the official paperwork to be processed at the district office.  Sara Riegel, HR Specialist (sara.riegel@edinaschools.org ), will call each new hire to schedule this appointment at the district office.

    5.       New coaches may NOT begin working with students or receive pay until they complete all necessary documentation with Human Resources, including an Employment Authorization and Background Check. New coaches will NOT be allowed to begin their assignments until all hiring paperwork has been completed.

    6.       Human Resources will process all contracts for coaches and advisors on an annual basis.  This includes Letter of Agreements, Extra-Service and Extra-Curricular Contracts for coaches and advisors. Gael Braddock will be processing all contracts for HR. All coaches/advisors will NOT be allowed to begin their assignments until the annual contract has been signed and returned to HR.

    Along with the contract, coaches need to turn in an updated W-4, direct deposit form and MN W-4 each year.  If at any point during the school year any the direct deposit information changes, coaches should submit a change form to Pam Olson

    Badges, Keys and Building Access

    Contact Joe regarding badges, keys building access.  


    Workman's Compensation - Injury on the Job

    Contact Joe regarding any injuries while on the job.