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  • Normandale Style Sheet


    So as to provide a consistent model from one classroom to the next and from one year to the next, the Normandale staff has adopted this style sheet for grades 1 - 5 (grade 1 easing into it as skills increase).

    Use Zaner-Bloser printing or cursive alphabet.

    • First line: First and last names. Do not accept first name only!
    • Second line: Date (23 Septembre 1999 - no articles, no commas. Capitalize the month.)
    • Third line: Homeroom number, followed by the student's classroom ID number
    • Fourth line: Skip
    • Fifth line: Title of assignment (if appropriate)
    • Sixth line: Skip
    • Seventh line: Begin writing. If there are items to be numbered, the numbers go on the left side of the margin.
    • Grades 1-3: To teach students how to align their heading, tell them to fold their paper in two and use the crease as their guide. (This idea and the sample below contributed by Gerry - Merci).
    • Fourth and fifth grades may use the upper right-hand corner rather than the first few lines.