• District Policy Manual

  • Series 900 - Community Relations

    Other policies contained in this policy reference manual are also applicable to community members. In order to avoid undue duplication, the school district provides notice by this paragraph that other policies, as referenced throughout the policy manual, apply to community members. Community members are charged with knowing, reviewing, and abiding by the policies set forth in this reference manual, in its entirety.

    901 Community Education Services
    902 Use of School District Facilities and Equipment
    903 Visitors to School District Buildings and Property
    904 Distribution or Display of Materials on School District Property by Nondistrict Persons or Organizations
    905 Advertising
    906 Community Notification of Predatory Offenders
    907 Reward for Solving a Crime
    908 Tutoring for Pay
    909 Policy 909 no longer exists
    910 Policy 910 no longer exists
    911 Use of Volunteers in Schools
    912 Partnerships - Community Organizations, Government Entities, Educational Institutions and Other Organizations
    913  Partnerships - Parent Organizations and Booster Clubs