• Pilcher - Kindergarten

  • Every child in our class is very special and unique.  To help bring out each child’s special qualities and to help us get to know each other better, our class will be featuring one child a week as the “Super Star.”

    Each Friday, I will send a note home with one child, reminding that child that he/she will soon be the Super Star.  That child will be featured for the week and will enjoy special privileges such as being our line leader.

    Before your child’s Super Star week, please work with him/her to gather photographs (of self, family, home, and interests) to display on our bulletin board at school.  About 5-6 photos would be great!

    Please note your child’s Super Star week by referring to the attached page.  The names will also be listed in the monthly calendar.  The Super Star sheets will come home in a special Super Star folder that should be returned the following Wednesday.

    I hope that by being the Super Star, your child will feel important, special, and unique.

    Click here for our Super Star Schedule!