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    SAT Reasoning Test

    This test is a longer version of the PSAT, which most juniors took last October. The SAT Test is a 3 hour and 45 minute test consisting of Writing, Math, and Critical Reading sections. The purpose of this test is to measure the skills students develop over time, both in and out of school, which are related to successful performance in college. (12% of Edina’s 2019 graduates took the SAT Reasoning Test.)

    The length of the test without essay is about 3 hours.  The length of the test with essay is about 3 hours, 50 minutes.

    The SAT consists of two sections - Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing.
    2 sections
    • Math
    • Evidence-Based Reading and Writing
    Total score (400–1600)
    • 2 section scores (200-800)
    • 3 test scores (10–40)
    • 7 sub-scores (1–15)
    • 2 cross-test scores
    ANSWER CHOICES 4 answer choices per question
    • Two tests:
           Reading Test - 65 minutes
           Writing and Language Test - 35 minutes
    • No more sentence completions; focus on multiple-meaning words
    • Passages will draw from significant historical or scientific documents – may include informational graphics, such as charts
    • The reading passages will include complex structure and vocabulary
    • Passage-based grammar – including punctuation
    MATH 80 minutes
    Focuses on:
    • Application-based, multi-step questions
    • Higher-level math, including trigonometry
    • One set of "extended-thinking" grid-in questions (worth 4 points)
    • Core math competencies (translating math into English and English into math)
    • A deep understanding of the theories behind mathematical principles, such as building equations
    Calculators only allowed in the longer of the two math sections.
    Essay is optional (50 minutes, timed)
    Students are provided a passage (600-700 words) and will then be asked to analyze how the author built their argument; student will need to understand the techniques authors used to write persuasively.

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    SAT Subject Tests

    These tests are hour-long exams in 20 subject areas such as mathematics, US History, world languages, literature, and the sciences. Students are able to self-select the exams that they take, however, they should review college requirements to ensure that they are taking the appropriate tests. (For instance, many schools will “strongly recommend” that a student take the SAT Subject Test Mathematics – either the Level 1 or Level 2 (the more difficult of the two), and then another 1-2 tests of the student’s choice. Some of the colleges that require the SAT Reasoning Test will also require the SAT Subject Tests.

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    Updated September 17, 2020