Early Childhood Developmental Screening

  • Early Childhood Screening is a quick and easy way to check in on your child’s health and development and connect them to amazing early childhood programming before they begin kindergarten. The state of Minnesota requires all children be screened, and recommends screening at age 3 in order to provide ample time to provide support if needed.

    Early childhood developmental screening helps a school district identify children who may benefit from district and community resources available to help in their development. Early childhood developmental screening includes a vision screening that helps detect potential eye problems but is not a substitute for a comprehensive eye exam. At the conclusion of the screening, the parent/legal guardian will be given a summary of the screening results and have the opportunity to discuss concerns they may have about their child’s development or circumstances that could affect their child’s learning. Information regarding early childhood programs and other resources will be available.The screening summary will become a part of the child’s school record.

    The State of Minnesota recommends an interpreter be used for the parents or child if English is not the primary language spoken at home. Using the home language during screening can provide a better picture of a child’s development. Interpreter services are provided at no cost to the family.

    Questions? Contact Tabitha Denison at 952-848-3985.

    Conscientious Objector

    A parent may choose to have their child not participate in this screening.  They must provide Early Childhood Screening with a signed, dated statement that they are a conscientious objector to the Early Childhood Screening and do not want their child to participate in the screening. This statement will become a part of the child’s school record.


    If you live in the Edina Public Schools district, it is extremely important that all family members be registered in the Edina Public School census to ensure receipt of notices regarding important school milestones like screening and kindergarten registration. If you or any of your family members are not in the district census, register for the district census.

    Help Me Grow

    If a child is not yet three and there are concerns regarding their development, please call Edina Public Schools, Early Childhood Special Education at 952-848-4232. Learn about Help Me Grow, MN.

  • Schedule an Appointment

    When we open in fall 2021, we will offer in-person screening in our new screening suite in the Edina Community Center. Please Enter door 3 and check in at the Welcome Center.  To schedule a preschool screening appointment this fall please click on the link below. The appointments will take 60 minutes.

    Schedule a Preschool Screening Appointment

    Please bring these completed Early Childhood Screening Forms to your screening appointment

    Contact Tabitha Denison with any questions regarding Early Childhood Screening: 952-848-3985.

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