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    College & Career Center  

    The College & Career Center is a resource center for college, post-secondary, and career planning materials. The College & Career Center is open during college visits and as needed. 

    A "college visit" is defined as:

    • The time a college/program representative comes to EHS and meets with prospective students
    • A thirty minute presentation
    • Brochure and material distribution
    • Student Q&A 

    The Center is available to all EHS, homeschooled, and local students.

    • Juniors/Seniors - all year
    • Sophomores - spring semester
    • Students are expected to be selective about the visits they attend.
    • A pass from the teacher is required to attend college visits. 

    How do I attend a college or post-secondary program visit?

    • Obtain a pass from your teacher.
    • Report to the designated room (see below).
    • Check in with parent volunteers for attendance.
    • Have your pass signed before you return to class.
    • Coordinate missed materials/assignments with your teachers.

    How do I find out what schools/programs are visiting?

    The College Visit Schedule and Room Assignment information are located on:

    • Naviance ("Colleges")
    • Monitor outside the College & Career Center (by the Media Center)

    If students have entered information in Naviance under “Colleges I am Thinking About”, they will receive an email when those colleges are coming to EHS.

    Why should I attend a visit?

    These visits help the students decide where to apply.  Student attendance at a college/program visit also may be a factor in whether a student is accepted at a college or not. College/Program representatives are the admissions employees who process students’ applications and will be helping make decisions about college acceptance. It is important that they learn about Edina High School, its academic programs, and prospective students.

    Updated July 12, 2019