• Parent Leadership Council (PLC)

  • PLC Bylaws

    I. Mission and Objectives
    The Edina Parent Leadership Council’s mission is to promote understanding of district-wide issues that relate to the education and welfare of students in the Edina ISD 273 District.

    Communication opportunities:
    • The superintendent and special speakers provide district information.
    • A forum for announcements by individual parent organizations is provided.
    • Networking occurs among organizations facing similar issues and challenges.
    • Representatives report discussion from individual parent organizations relating to specific district issues as needed.
    • Legislative information pertaining to education and its impact on Edina schools is provided.

    II. Officers
    Officers of the Council shall consist of Council Co-Chairs (2) and a Secretary. The Executive Committee, made up of the Council’s officers and the superintendent, shall meet as needed to set the Council agenda.

    Officers, for a given school year, shall be elected by the Council membership in May for the following school year. The current Executive Committee of the Council shall present a slate of candidates, with input from the membership. Terms for the Co-Chairs will be two years, with one Co-Chair elected each year. Secretary is a one-year term. Council officers shall be past or present representatives to the Council.

    III. Membership
    Representatives to the Edina Parent Leadership Council are: presidents or co-presidents, and presidents-elect or co-presidents-elect of individual school parent organizations, and a representative each from the Edina School Board, the Edina Family Center, the Parent Communication Network, the Edina Special Services Parent/Staff Advisory Committee, the Edina Gifted and Talented Advisory Board, Edina Community Education Services, the Edina Education Fund, and Edina Give and Go.

    The representatives shall comprise the voting body of the Council. Each member organization shall have one vote, regardless of the number of representatives. Voting participation in the business of the Council is limited to its officers and representatives. The meetings are open to any member of the organizations that are represented on the Council. Representatives to the Council are charged with reporting the business of the Edina Parent Leadership Council meetings at their individual organizations’ meetings.

    The Council shall meet monthly, September through May, with no meeting in December. The May meeting shall also include each school’s new representatives for the upcoming school year.

    IV. Funding
    Member organizations of the Edina Parent Leadership Council may vote to financially support education levies for ISD 273.

    V. District-Wide Activities
    The Council will coordinate district-wide activities as deemed appropriate by the Council.

    [Revised November 9, 2015]