• Transportation Services

  • Edina Public Schools is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable riding experience for its bus riders. 

    Bus Schedules

    You will receive your child(ren)'s bus schedule in August. In the event there is a question about the bus route, please contact the Transportation Department between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. Calls before or after these times will be referred to voice mail for further instructions.

    Safety Training - Grades K-10

    All students K-10 will receive school bus safety training and testing this fall in compliance with Minnesota State Law. The training and testing will be completed in your child(ren)'s classroom within the first three weeks of school for K-3 grades and within the first six weeks for students in Grades 4-10. In addition, many schools have established a number of ongoing bus safety education sessions throughout the school year.

    Rider Responsibilities

    Please review this information and discuss it with your child(ren). This information is being provided so that your child(ren) will clearly understand the bus behavior expectations. Riding the school bus is a privilege that can be revoked if a student chooses not to comply with the general expectations.

    Going to the Bus Stop

    • Use sidewalks where provided
    • If there are no sidewalks, walk on left shoulder of the street or roadway facing traffic, single file or no more than two abreast
    • Cross streets at corners
    • Use a direct route, but avoid crossing yards or empty lots to get to the bus stop or school
    • Arrive no more than 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to stop
    • Be aware of suspicious individuals (young, old, female, male) on foot or in motor vehicles
    • Report such persons to your bus driver or school principal

    Even if you miss your bus, do not accept rides from strangers!

    Waiting at the Bus Stop

    • Wait away from the traffic
    • Stay at least five feet off the road or street
    • Respect the property around the bus stop (do not pick flowers or shrubs, throw stones, snowballs, litter etc.)
    • Use appropriate language at all times
    • Respect other students by not pushing, shoving, or fighting
    • Stay back until the bus is actually stopped. A push at the middle or end of the line can send the front person into the bus or under its wheels!
    • Older students can be helpful to younger ones

    Boarding the Bus

    • Wait until the bus has stopped and the door is opened before starting to board
    • Board the bus single file
    • Continue to show respect for others
    • Use the hand rail to keep from slipping, falling, or tripping
    • Greet the driver!
    • Move directly to your seat and sit down
    • Put large items (musical instrument, packages, etc.) in seat area or under the seat, but not in the aisle

    Riding the Bus

    • Follow the driver's instructions
    • Remain in your seat until the bus arrives at your stop
    • Speak in a quiet voice (your voice should not be heard above others)
    • Keep hands, feet, and objects inside the bus
    • Do not throw objects inside the bus or out the window
    • Do not use profanity (including words or gestures)
    • Do not tease or harass others!
    • Do not spit
    • Do not eat, drink, or chew gum
    • Do not vandalize the bus

    Getting of the Bus at Your Stop

    • Wait for the bus to be completely stopped and the door to be opened before standing up.
    • Be respectful of others – no shoving or pushing.
    • Walk five big steps away from the bus, and turn and look at your bus driver.
    • Wait until the bus is at least a half a block away or five houses away before going home.
    • Go straight home.

    Never go in front of or in back of a bus! Never go under a bus!

A student smiles as she gets off the bus on the first day of school at Cornelia Elementary.

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