Application Process

  • Membership terms on Edina Public Schools advisory committees, councils and teams varies from one to three years. Therefore, the District holds a call for applicants each spring to fill any vacant seats for the next school year. If there are still opening after the initial call for applicants, the District moves to an open application process.

    The selection process varies by advisory team and according to the number of applicants and vacancies and may include interviews with some candidates.

    See current openings, submit an application and get involved.

Data Practices Advisory

  • Your name, address, current employment position, previous work history, education and training are public data under the Minnesota Data Practices Act (Minn. Stat. Sect. 13.43, subd. 2 & 3) and must be provided to anyone who requests it. Other information is considered private; however all information in this application will be provided to the School Board in a public forum, will be reviewed in public, and will therefore be part of the public record. Although you are not legally required to provide any of the information requested in this application, the information is needed to determine your suitability for appointment to a District advisory team, and failure to provide it may result in you not being considered for the position.