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  • Early Childhood Developmental Screening

    Early Childhood Developmental Screening is one of the required components for entrance into kindergarten.

    If your child has already completed the Early Childhood Developmental Screening through the Edina Public Schools, no further action is required. Your child’s screening record will be delivered to his/her elementary school prior to the start of the kindergarten school year.

    If your child has been screened in another school district, or if your medical doctor has completed a standardized assessment, submit the records to: 

    Lisa Hawthorne, Coordinator

    Early Childhood Developmental Screening
    Edina Public Schools
    5701 Normandale Road
    Edina, MN 55424

    If your child has not been screened, you will need to schedule an appointment and complete the screening before your child can start school. Screenings are conducted throughout the school year on an appointment basis and take approximately one hour. 

    You may choose to have your child not participate in this screening. If you do not want your child screened, you must provide us with a signed, dated statement that you are a conscientious objector to the Early Childhood Screening program.

    If you wish additional information, or have any questions, please contact the Early Childhood Screening Secretary at 952-848-4299 or visit our website.