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    What is Normandale Elementary School French Immersion Program?

    Students are immersed in a second language (French) while they learn mathematics, science, reading, writing and other curriculum areas. The curriculum used is similar to that used in other district elementary schools. However, students in the French Immersion Program learn through the French language rather than English. Visit the Normandale Elementary School Web site to learn more about this school.

    What are the goals of the school?

    There are four major goals: to communicate in the second language, to acquire the same English language arts skills as students in English-only programs, to master subject content areas, and to acquire a greater understanding, knowledge and appreciation of other cultures.

    How do children benefit from language immersion?

    The main benefit of the program is the students' development of a second language. They also develop greater listening and higher-level thinking skills by being immersed in the second language.

    What is the Extended French Program?

    The Valley View Extended French Program continues to build upon the French skills of students who attended Normandale Elementary French Immersion School. The Extended French program begins in grade 6 and ends in grade 9. In addition to French Language Arts, different subjects are also studied in French at each grade level. 

    For more information contact the Normandale or Valley View school offices.

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