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    What is Continuous Progress?

    Continuous Progress is an alternative program available at Countryside Elementary and Highlands Elementary. It is a blend of innovative new ideas, and the best of tried and true traditional practices in elementary schools. The Continuous Progress Program is primarily defined by four features:

    • Continuity over a five-year period
    • Multiaged classrooms and "families"
    • Cooperative educational approach
    • Process-oriented instruction

    In Continuous Progress, students begin elementary school as part of a new "family," an educational family where a team of two or three teachers and a group of students will stay together over the five years of elementary school. For many students this stable and comfortable, family-like learning environment is an excellent foundation for learning.

    Multiaged Classrooms and "Families"

    In any classroom there will be a range of ages and abilities. Teachers are challenged to understand and adapt lessons to this range.

    Cooperative Learning Approach

    In Continuous Progress, cooperative learning is seen as a vital learning strategy in today's increasingly competitive world. 

    Process-Oriented Instruction

    In a cooperative learning lesson--a good example of this belief--it is not only important that students learn the material or find an answer, it is equally important that they work together effectively and positively as a group.

    For more information, contact the school office at either Countryside Elementary or Highlands Elementary.