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Human Resources Staff

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 Photo of LaSheena Borchardt
Human Resources Specialist
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Non-Licensed Employees: Onboarding, Training, Questions, Changes in Assignment, Leaves, Boiler's Licenses, Contract Questions

 Photo of Stacy Geier
Manager of Human Resources
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Contract or Guidebook Questions - Non-licensed Employees; Salary Placements - Non-Licensed Employees; Employee Discipline - Non-Licensed Employees

 Photo of Cara Hendrickson
Human Resources/Benefits Specialist
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Substitute System; Substitute Employees - Teachers, Paraprofessionals, Health Service Associates, Long-Term Substitutes

 Photo of Gwen Jackson
Director of Human Resources and Operations
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Contract or Guidebook Questions - Licensed Employees; Salary Placements - Licensed Employees; Employee Discipline - Licensed Employees

 Photo of Shannon Jarosak
Supervisor of Human Resources
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Contract or Guidebook Questions - Community Education Employees; Salary Placements - Community Education Employees; Employee Discipline - Community Education Employees

 Photo of Brittany Montgomery
Departmental Specialist
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Background Checks - Volunteers; Security Badge Replacements; Tutor List

 Photo of Sara Riegel
Compensation Specialist
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Issue Teacher Contracts Unemployment Insurance Inquiries Seniority Lists/Probationary Status for Employees

 Photo of Bikira Stevenson
Human Resources Specialist
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Licensed Employees: Onboarding, Questions, Changes in Assignment, Leaves; Licensure Questions: Teacher, Nurse, Administrative, Renewal; Extracurricular Contracts, Extra Duty Contracts, Letters of Agreement, State and Federal Reporting, Contract Questions