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    What's important for the development of middle schoolers?

    South View Middle School is first and foremost an academic institution. Our primary goal is to prepare students to be successful as they continue through graduation and beyond. To that end, South View offers rigorous coursework in all subject areas.
    In addition, South View strives to provide programming that enhances the learning environment in our building. Our efforts in this vein stem from the work of the guiding national middle school body, the Association for Middle Level Education.
    In addition to rigorous, meaningful coursework, the association asserts that "to become a fully functioning, self-actualized person" young adolescents should:
    • Develop their strengths, particular skills, talents or interests and have an emerging understanding of his or her potential contributions to society and to personal fulfillment.
    • Recognize, articulate and make responsible, ethical decisions concerning their health and wellness needs.
    • Respect and value the diverse ways people look, speak, think and act within the immediate community and around the world.
    • Develop interpersonal and social skills needed to learn, work and play with others harmoniously and confidently.
    • Assume responsibility for their actions and be cognizant of and ready to accept obligations for the welfare of others.
    • Understand local, national and global civic responsibilities and demonstrate active citizenship through participation in endeavors that serve and benefit those larger communities.
    Successful middle schools recognize, articulate and celebrate students who make responsible, ethical decisions and help guide them through this process through an integration of their academic program.
    This We Believe: Keys to Educating Young Adolescents Association for Middle Level Education

    Each day at South View starts with a connection between advisors and students, called Advisory. This time at the beginning of the school day allows advisors to complete regular academic checks and encourage literacy through personal reading and group read- alouds. Advisory activities also may include fun team-building activities. Advisors encourage direct communication with families to keep lines of communication open in support of student learning. Advisors also work together to provide exploratory learning opportunities for students throughout the year.

    Students who are part of a student leadership team have an advisory with staff leaders. This allows advisors to support student leaders academically (as in other advisory classes) and offer a consistent time to develop leadership skills during the regular school day.

    Service Learning

    Service learning is a teaching method that weaves service into the curriculum. The difference between service learning and community service lies in the intent. With service learning, students address community issues, problems or needs as part of their academic studies or another intentional learning activity.


    Service learning is a teaching method that supports the work teachers do in the classroom. This teaching methodology offers important character development opportunities for students in tandem with the Edina school district's character ICCCAR values:





                Appreciation of Diversity

    Anti-Bullying Curriculum
    An anti-bullying curriculum is presented to all students. They experience lessons created to allow opportunities to learn, share and grow together as they all learn the impact of their words and actions on others. The key focus is on the "bystander" in these situations and the power that all students have to be leaders by either standing up or seeking help when they witness these types of actions.

                Grade-level retreats engage students in discussion and team activities and develop a shared experience that includes learning and reflection. Often this is a space and time that creates a common language for staff members and students to use throughout the school year. Each grade level focuses on a theme of character development:
    Sixth Grade - Courage

                Retreat activities focus on the courage necessary to transition into middle school by encouraging students to step outside their comfort zone and try new things and meet new people.
    Seventh Grade - Value

                Activities focus on how words, thoughts and actions value or devalue others based on personal differences. Students explore ways of creating a safe environment for all through their own courageous and kind deeds.
    Eighth Grade - Power