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    Is Online Learning right for me? 

    Some students find it difficult to fit everything they would like in their schedule. When that happens, one option is to add an online class. Online classes are completely separate from a South View school schedule. Families pay the online institution directly and all work is done between the student and the online instructor. If you're wondering whether an online class is right for you, the Minnesota Department of Education has a page about online learning. It's good to review before jumping into an additional class online. The Department of Ed also has a list of approved online providers.

    Most South View students choose an online provider called Northern Star Online. Northern Star is run by District 287. Edina Schools and most of the west suburban school districts work in conjunction with District 287 which provides a wide variety of services to it's member districts. Northern Star Online is one of those services. Working through Northern Star is especially nice since they provide the student's school with regular updates about how the student is doing as well as a final transcript. Some other schools require the student/parent to supply Edina with all that information. Northern Star also has a page dedicated to deciding whether online learning is appropriate for a particular student.
    You are free to choose any of the approved providers. We pass on the information about Northern Star because it is more widely used than other services.