• SV Media Center Volunteers

    * Please note, due to the COVID 19 restrictions, the Volunteer Program has been paused for the 2020-2021 school year. *

    Media Center Volunteers are energetic, self-motivated, organized parents who volunteer to help in the Media Center. Volunteers get unlimited book check out, get an inside experience in the hub of the school, and learn the Dewey Decimal System! 

    Media Volunteers are asked to work two mornings per month. The Media Center staff offers training sessions throughout the school year. Any parent interested in becoming a Media Volunteer, or wanting additional information should email Stacy Harris @ stacy.harris@edinaschools.org.

    When arriving at South View as a volunteer, go to the main office and sign in as a guest.  Fill out a nametag and proceed to the Media Center.  Stacy Harris, Media Assistant, or Robert Diehl, Media Specialist, will be there to greet you and direct your work. Volunteer shifts are about two hours. Please arrive at 9:00 and begin shelving books or straightening and checking the shelves. There may also be students who need to check out books.

    If you will miss your shift for any reason, please ask another volunteer to switch shifts with you OR just let Bob (robert.diehl@edinaschools.org) or Stacy (stacy.harris@edinaschools.org) know. Once the volunteer roster is complete, you will receive a copy via email; it includes all volunteer emails and phone numbers. The Media Center Volunteer Calendar for the year appears at the bottom of the page.  Scroll with the arrow on the upper left to see each month of your schedule through next June.

    There will be several opportunities throughout the school year to help with special projects including a Book Fair and a book swap. We are always on the look out for fun and creative ways to get kids to experience the joy of reading and helping them become lifelong readers!