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    Laura Livesay, LICSW
    Grades 10-12 (Student Last Name Lao-Z)

    Ebony Gums, LICSW
    Grades 10-12 (Student Last Name A-Lan)

    Kristin Wetzel, LICSW
    Grade 9
    Beatriz Alcazar, LICSW
      She primarily serves students through Special Education Services at EHS

    Criteria For "Substantially Limited"

    • Is the students receiving a C- or below in most or all of core classes (past and current)?
    • Does student have an updated/current assessment?
    • Are the student’s processing speed scores at the 25th percentile or less?
    • Has student been previously considered or received services in SpEd or a 504?
    • Is attendance is an interfering factor?
    • Is chemical use a possible interfering factor?
    • If prescribed medication, is student complying with medication regimen?
    • Have there been past meetings with teachers, counselor, administrators to address concerns?
    • Does the student currently have an intervention plan now or in the past?
    • Have other interventions been attempted (interventions need to have shown no success over a period of 6-12 weeks or more)?

    Examples of Supports/Interventions:

    • Reducing course load (including removal from AP/Enr courses & 0 hour)
    • Structured Study Hall (Morning Prep & Afternoon Prep)
    • Study skills class (such as Sophomore Seminar)
    • Weekly scheduled time with teacher(s) before or after school
    • Coming in early to start a test, when possible and arranged ahead of time
    • After school study help in Media Center
    • Increased communication between home and school
    • Successful use of organizational system
    • Lifestyle interventions (limiting technology use, sleep protocol, etc.)
    • Outside therapy or support system