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    If you live in an area that is eligible for school bus transportation, visit the district's Transportation Services website for information about safety and behavior guidelines, Frequently Asked Questions and more.

    Pick-up/Drop-off Traffic Plan

    Printable Version of the Traffic Plan

    To the greatest extent possible, given the layout of our school grounds along with the mixture of building uses, we hope to isolate car traffic from buses. Consideration has been given to the large number of buses needed to transport Normandale students, the effect of additional parking and traffic related to the Community Center as well as high school athletes and fans arriving for games at the close of the school day. Safety is and always will be our primary concern with efficiency a lesser but also important consideration. Please put cell phones away and devote your full attention to the safety of all our children.

    The following information briefly outlines the procedures enacted to effectively route traffic at Normandale. We have broken the information into three sections: 1) procedures for bus riders, 2) procedures for car riders, and 3) an explanation of the areas on the diagram with corresponding alphabetic letters.

    Bus riders (Area A & B)

    Students in grades K-5 riding the bus to Normandale Elementary, exit on Normandale Road and enter the building through Door 1 or Door 1B. At the end of the day all students in grades K-5 exit the building on the Normandale Road side of the building. Those students whose buses are parked in the pull through area on Southview Lane must use the sidewalks to reach their buses. Adult supervision is provided in both areas at all times to ensure the safety of all children.

    Car riders (Area C & D)

    There are separate procedures for those parents who wish to drop-off/pick-up their children by entering the building and those who remain in their cars. It is essential that you follow the guidelines listed below as well as those posted on the traffic signs around our building. No student should be dropped off/picked up at any place other than area C. We are not able to supervise any other exit of the building and children could be put at risk if this rule is not followed.

    Indirect drop-off/pick-up: parents are to park their cars in the Gold (south) lot “short-term” area D, which is designated for the purpose of entering the building for no more than 15 minutes or any other available space if the intention is to stay parked for a longer period of time. Parked drivers can pick up their rider(s) at the end of the day in the school entrance and escort the rider(s) to the car directly using the designated crosswalks.

    Traffic Plan Map

    Traffic Plan Map  
    A.  Southview Lane
    The pull through area on the north side of the building will be reserved at the end of the day for several buses. Parents should not park in area A for any reason at the end of the day. After the buses depart, regular traffic parking procedures will resume in this area.

    B. Normandale Road

    Area B is reserved for buses only throughout the school day. Cars and buses should not be in this area together. Students will enter the building through doors 1 and 1A.

    C. Normandale School Main Entrance

    This area will be utilized only as a waiting area for students being dropped off or picked up by car. Cars should never park (driver leaves the vehicle to enter the school) in this turnaround area. It is essential for drivers to pull ahead to an open spot as far ahead as possible and drop or pick up your student on the inner curb side of the semicircle. Drive slowly and cautiously!

    D. Gold (South) Parking Lot
    This area is the route and line-up for drivers waiting to pick up riders if the semicircle is full. Enter carefully and proceed as far forward as possible in a single file line. Several 15-minute parking spaces are reserved in the lot for those drivers wishing to enter the building to pick-up and escort their rider(s) to their vehicle. Drivers should enter from Normandale Road. Parents who choose to park and pick up or drop off their children should accompany them to or from the school using the designated crosswalks. Individuals can also park in any other open space in the lot.

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