• Meet Chris Holden, PrincipalChris Holden


    Bienvenue à Normandale, an island of French in a sea of English!  At Normandale, students are immersed in French as they learn literacy, math, science, and social studies concepts.  This unique language experience opens doors and windows for students to new cultures and countries.

    For the past 36 years, learning French and Spanish and working as an immersion teacher and administrator have been recurring themes in my life.  These windows and doors were opened for me initially when I took French 1 with Madame Sydnes at Northfield High School.  She was one of those inspirational teachers that made her class come alive for students.  Normandale staff work in a similar fashion to create a "...nurturing learning environment in a language immersion setting where staff members, students and parents work in partnership to live and learn in a culturally diverse, ever-changing global society"(Normandale Elementary Mission Statement).

    My hope is that Normandale and its teachers will spark in your student(s) the same love of languages and cultures that was kindled in me 36 years ago.  Who knows what doors and windows to other worlds will be opened tomorrow for today's Normandale students!