• Student Support Services

  • Counselors

    Nikki Plafcan   Counselor (Grade 12 A-Br; Grade 10-11 A-Cad) x3187 email website
    Bill Hicks   Counselor (Grade 12 Bu-Ec; Grade 10-11 Cae-En) x3127 email website
    Taylor Johnson   Counselor (Grade 12 Ed-Hau; Grade 10-11 Eo-Hok) x3142 email website
    Dylan Hackbarth   Counselor (Grade 12 Hav-Lan; Grade 10-11 Hol-Loq) x3125 email website
    Lisa Burnham   Counselor (Grade 12 Lao-Mor; Grade 10-11 Lar-Mor) x3126 email website
    Sandy Schmidt   Counselor (Grade 10-12 Mos-Rol) x3128 email website
    Julie Block   Counselor (Grade 10-12 Rom-Swa) x3188 email website
    Robin Dayneko   Counselor (Grade 10-12 Swb-Z) x3189 email website
    Angela Kieffer   Counselor (Grade 9 Teams 1, 2, 3) x3122 email website
    Natalie Golberg   Counselor (Grade 9 Teams 4, 5, 6) x3187 email website


    Sarah Jarrett   AVID x3037 email  

    College and Career Center

    Mollly Thuma   Schedule Visits  x3833 email  


    Leah Jones   ESL Teacher x3479 email  
    Natalia Wegner   ESL Teacher x3327 email  

    Food and Nutrition

    Dan Hutchinson   Chartwells x3811 email  

    Health Services

    Gretchen Gosh   School Nurse x3075 email  
    Stephanie Janasko   School Nurse x3859 email  
    Deborah Link      Health Service Associate RN x3175 email  
    Donna Dyson   Health Service Associate RN x3884 email  


    Heidi Howard   Options Coordinator x3146 email  
    Annie Thole   Options Lead Teacher x3084 email  

    Media Center

    Sara Swenson   Media Specialist x3052 email website
    Andrea McElligott   Media Assistant x3027 email website

    School Resource Officer

    Joe Delgehausen   School Resource Officer x3809 email  

    Social Worker

    Wes Larson   504 Coordinator x4069 email  
    Ebony Gums   Social Worker Grade 10-12  A-Laq x3154 email  
    Laura Livesay   Social Worker Grade 10-12 Lar-Z x3139 email  
    Kristin Wetzel   Social Worker Grade 9      

    Student Support Services

    Madison Akins   Special Ed Teacher x3493 email  
    Sherri Anderson   Special Ed Teacher x3456 email  
    Kevin Bagley   Special Ed Teacher x4447 email  
    Mina Blyly-Strauss   Special Ed Teacher x3485 email  
    Steve Clarke   Special Ed Teacher x3044 email  
    Lisa Hanson   Special Ed Teacher x3086 email  
    Sue Host   Special Ed Teacher x3717 email  
    Janelle Krchnavy   Special Ed Teacher x3110 email  
    Maureen Lindholm   Special Ed Teacher x3176 email  
    Ellen Mundt   Special Ed Teacher x3020 email  
    Jessica Ranes   Special Ed Teacher x3494 email  
    Katie Russell   Special Ed Teacher x3138 email  
    Molly Sullivan   Special Ed Teacher x3019 email  
    Justin Swoboda   Special Ed Teacher x3170  email  
    Jane Yanda   Special Ed Teacher x3013 email  
    Sandy Diercks   Due Process Specialist x3035 email  
    Catherine Dubbe   Due Process Specialist x3864 email  
    Traci Bergo   Adapted Physical Education x3056 email  
    Anne Richardson   E/BD Teacher x3096 email  
    Jennifer Duncan   Deaf/Hard of Hearing Teacher x4225 email  
    Molly Krenz   Deaf/Hard of Hearing Teacher x3317 email  
    Ellary Asche   Occupational Therapist x3738 email  
    Jan Dahl   Physical Therapist x4226 email  
    Anna Yakesh   Psychologist x3886 email  
    Emily Onken   Psychologist x3064 email  
    Beatriz Alcazar   Social Worker x4889 email  
    Kari Cahn   Speech Clinician x3824 email  
    Angie Dusheck   Speech Clinician x4791 email  
    Maureen Slavin   Special Ed Work Experience x3015 email  


    Debbie Trebesch   Dispatcher x4979 email