• Student Support Services

  • Academic Support

    Rob Rivera   Academic Support x3418    


    Gretchen Brandt   Counselor (Grades 6 and 7) x3391 email  
    Kent Downing   Counselor (Grades 8 and 9) x3390 email  
    Judy Justice   Counselor Secretary x3389 email  

    Dean of Students

    Erik Lowe   Dean of Students x3505 email  


    Kathryn Gimse   ESL Teacher x4521 email website

    Food and Nutrition

    Dan Hutchinson   Chartwells x3811 email  

    Gifted Education

    Alisa Kappel   Gifted Education x3417 email  

    Health Services

    Colleen Ziebol   School Nurse x3333 email  
    Jen Smith   Health Service Associate x3302 email  

    Media Center

    Heather Palmer   Media Specialist x3321 email website
    Stacy Harris   Media Assistant x3324 email website

    School Resource

     Morgan Piper   School Resource Officer x3511 email  

    Social Worker

    Mary Watts   Social Worker x3334 email  

    Special Services

    Jeff Bauer   Special Ed Teacher x3328 email  
    Karen Dummer   Special Ed Teacher x3407 email  
    Bridget Haglind   Special Ed Teacher x3396 email  
    Andi Kutzorik   Special Ed Teacher x3394 email  
    Sarah Diebold   Special Education Facilitator x3349 email  
    Ingrid Bakke   Special Ed x3316 email  
    Traci Bergo   Adapted Physical Education x3056 email  
    Jennifer Duncan   Deaf/Hard of Hearing Teacher x4225 email  
    Molly Krenz   Deaf/Hard of Hearing Teacher x3317 email  
    Amy McAllister   Psychologist x3392 email  
    Whitney Wager   Speech Clinician x3500 email  


    Debbie Trebesch   Dispatcher x4979 email