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    Attendance Policy

    The purpose of the Valley View Middle School Attendance Policy reflects our desire to have each student attend all classes and arrive on time. Students and parents should familiarize themselves with the provisions and procedures of the policy in the Student Handbook. It is expected that parents will support the intent of the policy, and encourage their children to have good attendance.

    Students are expected to be in their classroom seated and ready to begin on time. If students are tardy, they must report to the office before going to class. We are required to track tardies, as well as absences, to comply with Minnesota statutes. Please understand that with a student body of over 1200 students, well-managed attendance procedures are very important to minimize classroom interruptions and provide optional learning conditions for all students.

    Late Arrivals

    Students arriving to school late should enter through door #1, register at the main office window, and obtain an admit before going to class. Students arriving late are responsible to show their teachers the admit which explains their late arrival.


    If your child needs to leave school for an appointment during school hours, please send a brief note with your child stating date, reason, time and duration of the absence. This note should be presented prior to the absence in the main office in order to obtain an admit. All parent/guardian notes will stay on file in the office.


    The State of Minnesota and the Edina Public Schools recognize the absences below as Excused:

    • Illness
    • Medical/Dental/Ortho...
    • Religious Activity
    • I/S/S - O/S/S
    • Dismissal
    • Family Emergency
    • School Activity
    • Vacation
    • Other
    • Legal
    • Funeral


    Excessive tardiness or truancy may result in a petition to be filed with Hennepin County court. Unexcused absences include:

    • Late to school - tardy
    • Missing the bus
    • Truancy
    • School Office not aware of absence
    • Parent not aware of absence

    Emergency Appointments

    In case of an emergency appointment, please call either 952-848-3500 or
    952-848-3506 for assistance.

  • Report an absence

    Call the 24-hour
    Attendance Line:


    Provide this information:

    • Student's name
    • Student's grade
    • Student's teacher
    • Date of the absence
    • Reason for absence
    • Your name and relationship to the student