• Student Services

  • Counselors

    Carmine LeVoir   Counselor (Grades 6 and Team 7 Great Lakes) x4410 email  
    Janet Schmiel   Counselor (Grades 8 and Team 7 Mighty Mississippi) x4412 email  

    Assistant Principal

    Tami Jo Cook   Assistant Principal x4446 email  


    Gretchen Lund   ESL Teacher x3794 email  

    Food and Nutrition

    Dan Hutchinson   Chartwells x3811 email  

    Gifted Education

    Erica Gardner   Gifted Education x4448 email website

    Health Services

    Nicole Polk Singer   School Nurse x3715 email  
    Denise Smith   Health Service Associate x3710 email  


    Darcy Immerfall   Literacy Teacher x4437 email  
    Janelle LaBlance   Literacy Teacher x3742 email  

    Media Center

    Robert Diehl   Media Specialist x4420 email website
    Stacy Harris   Media Assistant x3324 email website

    School Resource Officer

    Anna Eckstein   School Resource Officer x3706 email  

    Security Monitor

    Antoinette Reynolds   Security Monitor x3778 email  
    Gary Peterson   Security Monitor x3778 email  

    Social Worker

    Doug Eischens   Social Worker x4411 email website

    Special Services

    Gayle Balcer   Special Ed Teacher x4428 email  
    Greg Banko   Special Ed Teacher x4476 email  
    Hannah Bast   Special Ed Teacher x3772 email  
    Erin Deakyne   Special Ed Teacher x3752 email  
    Heather Evenson   Special Ed Teacher x4496 email  
    Sean Fischer   Special Ed Teacher x3773 email  
    Emily Larson   Special Ed Teacher x4417 email  
    Abby Olson   Special Ed Teacher x4475 email  
    Jennie Schaefer   Special Ed Teacher x4429 email  
    Kassandra Scherling   Special Ed Teacher x4487 email  
    Kelly Cool   Special Ed Facilitator x4922 email  
    Collin Bender   Adapted Physical Education x3386 email  
    Christine Arulanantham   Occupational Therapist x3738 email  
    Liz Froehlich   Speech Clinician x4453 email  
    Marissa Bodiker   Speech Clinician x3770 email  


    Debbie Trebesch   Dispatcher x4979 email