• Student Activities

  • Band and Orchestra

    All 5th grade students who are interested are eligible to participate in either Band or Orchestra. The cost varies with the instrument. All 4th graders are invited to sign up in the spring.

    Chess Club

    Students in grades 3-5 may join the Highlands Chess Club. Chess Club meets Wednesdays from 3:50-4:50 P.M.. Students learn the rules, strategies and history of this wonderful game. Tournaments are held each semester. The Highlands Chess Club is a great place to meet new friends and learn the game of chess.

    Chess Club Coordinators: David Sponheim, Michael Seaman and Mark Wallace

    Green Team

    The Green Team is a committee made of parents, students, and staff who are dedicated to develop new ideas for the grounds of our school, as well as maintaining its beauty.

    Math Olympiads

    Math Olympiad is an international mathematical problem solving competition for children open to all 4th and 5th grade students at Highlands. Math Olympiads meets before or after school so students in the program can practice a variety of problem solving strategies. In addition, there are 5 competitions throughout the year. There is no cost. The goals of Math Olympiad are:

    • develop enthusiasm for problem solving
    • contribute to cognitive development
    • provide the initial foundation for an intellectually stimulating and pleasurable mental activity.

    News Show

    Weekly news shows are broadcast live throughout the school. Each week the News Show includes a Focus on the Classroom segment and Principal's News and Information. Another fun feature is Word of the Week with 'Word Bird'. Each week a different classroom is responsible for choosing and presenting the Word of the Week.

    School Safety Patrol

    The School Safety Patrol Program provides an opportunity for fifth grade students to develop responsibility and leadership. The Safety Patrol's primary function is to maintain a safe environment at our school crossings. Students sign up for this activity in the fall and must have their parents' and teacher's permission to serve in the School Safety Patrol Program.

    School Safety Patrol Coordinator: Katie Mahoney