• Student Support Services


    Kerry Eisenbarth Room 111 ESL Teacher x3210 email  
    Serben Augustine    Room 215 ESL Teacher x3725 email  

    Food and Nutrition

    Dan Hutchinson   Chartwells x3811 email  

    Gifted Education

    Jolynn Gamble Room 213 Gifted Education
    Young Scholars
    x3232 email  
    Fred Haggerty Room 211 Gifted Education x3254 email  

    Health Services

    Miriam Campbell   School Nurse x3207 email  

    Learning Support

    Karen Haff   Learning Specialist x3237 email  
    Sarah Dolphin   Learning Specialist x4764 email  

    Media Center

    Krista Winkel   Media Specialist x3221 email website
    Vickie Geier   Media Assistant x3220 email website

    Social Worker

      Room 102 Social Worker x3211    

    Special Services

    Lori Dockman Room 402 Special Ed Teacher x3213 email  
    Austin Hochstetler Room 402 Special Ed Teacher x3277 email  
    Sheila Welsh Room 402 Special Ed Teacher x3262 email  
    Anne Thompson Room 409 Adapted Physical Education x3212 email  
    Sarah Bergstrom   Autism Specialist x4033 email  
    Molly Krenz   Deaf/Hard of Hearing Teacher x3317 email  
    Ellary Asche Room 305 Occupational Therapist x3277 email  
    Jessica Cherne Room 408F Autism Teacher x4475 email  
    Jodie Mettee                       Room 408E Autism Teacher x3215 email  
    Claire Sime Room 408E Autism Teacher x email  
        Physical Therapist      
    Susan Zirkes Room 214 Psychologist x3224 email  
    Kristen Heisserer Room 504A Speech Clinician x3246 email  
    Jenny Muehlhausen Room 505 Speech Clinician   email  

    Success Center

    Heather Schwartz        Success Center Lead   email  

    Title 1

    Kathryn Bennewitz Room 506A Title 1 x3276 email  
    Pam Freeman Room 508B Title 1 x3225 email  


    Debbie Trebesch   Dispatcher x4979 email