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    Morning Announcements

    Morning announcements are broadcast live from the media center each day at 7:50 a.m.

    Lunch and Snack Break

    Parents are welcome to eat lunch with their students. For lunch on their birthdays or other special occasions, some parents bring a special lunch for their child. However, please refrain from bringing treats for other children due to allergies and for equity reasons. (Feelings are hurt when some children get a treat and others don’t.) Healthy snacks are required for daily snack break, especially fruits, vegetables, and protein. Water bottles are encouraged to keep students hydrated, a direct link to maximizing one’s brain power. For more information about our lunch program visit the district's Food and Nutrition Services website.

    Winter Recess

    Students will have outdoor recess each day unless the air temperature is below zero.  Please make sure all students have hats, mittens, snow pants and boots.

    "STOP" Sign

    Our school social worker visits each classroom at the beginning of the year to teach the STOP sign, a conflict resolution tool. Students are encouraged to follow this protocol when encountering a conflict: Say your feelings, Tell what you want, Own up to your part, Peaceful partners.

    Buddy Classes

    Each of our 24 classes is paired with another class three years apart; kindergarten and third grade are paired, first and fourth grades are paired, and second and fifth grades are paired. Approximately each month, buddy classes meet together to celebrate learning by reading to each other, working on a writing assignment, or creating a work of art, for example. This opportunity serves to build community and leadership in our young mentors.

    Safety Drills

    Per state law, schools are required to participate in five fire drills, five lock-down drills and one tornado drill each year. Teachers review safety procedures with students.

    Lost and Found

    Please encourage your child to check "lost and found" regularly, located by Door 5. Labeling apparel will help ensure that items make their way back to their owners.

    Party Invitations

    Invitations to parties are to be distributed outside of school unless the entire class is invited.


    We honor children’s birthdays at Creek Valley. Students are encouraged to report to the media center at 7:50 a.m. to receive a birthday pencil and to introduce themselves on our morning video announcements. Some classes celebrate birthdays by inviting in guest readers, providing birthday crowns, and allowing the birthday child to sit in a special chair for the day. For a variety of
    reasons — wellness, allergies, cost, disruption to learning, etc., class birthday treats are not an option.

    Site Council

    The Creek Valley Site Council is a group of staff and parents that meets monthly. Purposes of this committee include:
    • Professional development planning based on our school improvement plan
    • Equitable instructional strategies
    • School based decision-making, e.g., healthy snack break
    • Connection to the PT

    Pre-arranged Absence Form

    If you know in advance that your students will be absent from school for a family vacation, personal matter, athletic event or any reason, please complete the Pre-arranged Absence Form at least five days prior to the absence.

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