• Student Support Services


    Kelly Paulsen   ESL Teacher x4628 email  

    Food and Nutrition

    Dan Hutchinson   Chartwells x3811 email website
    Michelle DeGolyer     x4737 email website

    Gifted Education

    Megan Gallenberger Room 202 Gifted Education x4711 email  
    Michele Rock Room 203 Young Scholars x4357 email  

    Health Services

    Janine Baker Room 207 Health Service Associate x4747 email  
    Nancy Killian Room 207 School Nurse x4785 email  

    Learning Support

    Sue Johnson Room 315 Learning Specialist x4746 email  
    Toy Haerter Room 315 Learning Specialist x4510 email  

    Media Center

    Kathy Koepp Room 309 Media Specialist x4720 email website
    Ann Zimprich Room 309 Media Assistant x4721 email website
    Jason Banks Room 309 Technology x4722 email website

    Social Worker

    Melissa Estenson Room 225 Social Worker x4035 email  

    Special Services

    Brenda Buchwald Room 218B Special Ed Teacher x4787 email  
    Melissa Ellis Room 218D Special Ed Teacher x4723 email  
    Nathan Koller Room 212 Adapted Physical Education x4725 email  
    Jennifer Duncan Room 217 Deaf/Hard of Hearing x4225 email  
    Hawley Mathieson Room 217 Deaf/Hard of Hearing x4218 email  
    Jake Mathiason Room 223 Psychologist x4766 email  
    Angie Dusheck Room 109A Speech Clinician x4791 email  
    Tonia Hall Room  Speech Clinician x3335 email  

    Success Center

    Nathan Monseth Room 300 Success Center Lead Teacher x4755 email  

    Title 1

        Title 1 x4700 email  
    Tiffany Reis  Room 315 Title 1 x4745 email  


    Debbie Trebesch   Dispatcher x4979 email website