• Please make sure that students have their portraits taken at Get Connected Day, even if you do not plan to order portraits. Why? THESE PHOTOS ARE OUR STUDENT PHOTO sources, including DEFAULT SENIOR PORTRAITS for those seniors who do not submit portraits from other sources. We want to include all students, especially seniors, in the yearbook. 

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  • Faculty Adviser: Ellen Guerin

    phone: 952-848-3800 (Do not leave messages over the summer! If necessary, communicate via the above email address; remember, it IS summertime and I will not be checking email as frequently as during the school year.)

    mailing address:

    Edina High School
    ATTN: Whigrean
    6754 Valley View Road
    Edina, Minnesota 55439

    Yearbook Orders - Last year we sold out, so don't delay.

    You have three options for ordering:

    1. Visit the Whigrean table at Get Connected Day (Aug. 29th or 30th) and submit a check for $85 (made out to EHS Whigrean) along with the order form we will provide.
    2. Print out the order form here and submit it with your check (see option 1) by mail or in person to Ellen Guerin, Whigrean Adviser, c/o the EHS Office, 6754 Valley View Road, Edina 55439.  Prices go up after Sept. 30th.
    3. Order online at Jostens Online.

    Please keep a record of your order date to avoid duplicate orders (!) and make sure that you pay in full for your yearbook as soon as possible in order to avoid price increases. Last year some families forgot to pay the balance due before yearbooks were distributed. Students are not able to pick up yearbooks unless the balance is paid, which can result in some sad student faces on yearbook distribution day. 

    Submission Deadlines for 2018 yearbook

    Senior Portraits

    Senior portraits must be submitted to 

    That page also has a link to the yearbook purchase and Senior Baby Ad webpages. 

    Due ASAP and definitely BY Fri., November 10, 2017.

    If we do not receive a Senior Portrait from a student, we will include their Get Connected Day school photo (even if they did not order photos). Please make sure that your senior has a school photo taken at Get Connected Day as a backup. 

    Yearbook Recognition Ads -

    There are two ad categories: in the yearbook, the ads are grouped by type. IF YOU WANT TO SUBMIT A BABY PHOTO AD, THE DEADLINE IS Dec. 1, about 3 weeks after senior portraits are due. 

    All ads should be submitted to


    Baby Photo Ads -

    Parents or guardians normally submit these ads, which include a heading, a baby or toddler photo, and a message for the graduate. 


    Due:   Thurs., December 1, 2017

    Buddy Ads -

    These ads are different from Baby Photo Ads. They celebrate relationships that students have formed during their school years, such as friend groups, extended family, or other outside-of-school group activities. These ads should include a heading, group photos, and a message that includes student names. These ads do NOT normally include solo baby photos.


    Submission window is between Dec. 15, 2017 and February 1, 2018   

     Last Day to Order a 2018 Yearbook online via Jostens 

    mid-February 2018 - but don't wait! Order Now!

     About Whigrean

    The Whigrean (formerly Windigo) yearbook is published every year by students in the Whigrean yearbook class. Whigrean attempts to conscientiously cover all aspects of the high school community. The yearbook is delivered and distributed in late May. A spring supplement is prepared in the latter part of the school year to cover major spring activities and events including spring sports.

    Whigrean Awards

    • Jostens National Award of Excellence - 2015, 2016
    • National Scholastic Press Association - (2001-First Class, 2002-First Class with Two Medals of Distinction, 2003-Second Class, 2004-First Class, 2005-First Class with Two Marks of Distinction, 2015 Second Class)
    • American Scholastic Press Association - (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005-First Place)
    • Journalism Educations of Minnesota All-State Awards - (2002, 2005 -Silver, 2001,2003, 2004-Gold)
    • Columbia Scholastic Press Association Award (2001, 2002-First Class, 2005-Bronze)
    • Minnesota All-State Award - (2001, 2005-Silver, 2002-Gold)
    • Minnesota High School Press Association Gold Medallions - (2002-Sweepstakes Award)