• Student Support Services

    Edina Public Schools provides a comprehensive program for students with disabilities. Services are provided to students who range in age from birth through age 21. Most students receive services in their neighborhood school and when possible in their regular class setting.

    Early Childhood Special Education

    K-12 Special Services Resources

    Adaptive Physical Education Teacher

    Our Adaptive Physical Education (D/APE) Teachers are physical education (PE) teachers who has advanced training in Special Education.

    The role of the D/APE teacher is to help each student achieve success at their level while working on gross motor fitness and lifetime sport skills. In addition, they:

    • work with students of all disabilities who demonstrate specific needs in the areas of gross motor skills
    • work with students in the mainstream PE class, in small groups or individually
    • consult with mainstream PE teachers about adaptations and safety issues

    The district offers adapted athletic programs sanctioned by the Minnesota State High School League in soccer, floor hockey, and softball.

    Assistive Technology Specialist

    Our part-time Assistive Technology Specialist is a licensed professional who can provide services that directly assist a student with a disability in the selection, acquisition, or use of an assistive technology device.

    The role of the Assistive Technology Specialist is to: 
    • assist in the identification of assistive technology needs
    • evaluate the functional and educational needs for a student who is under consideration for assistive technology;
    • provide recommendations, assist in the selection, modification and implementation of low, mid and high technology solutions and devices
    • consult and coordinate with team members
    • train teams, staff and families in the use of assistive technology
    • facilitate the Individual Education Program decision making process with regards to assistive technology

    Autism Specialist

    Our Autism Specialists are licensed Special Educators qualified by advanced training, expertise and experience.

    The role of the Autism Specialists is to:

    • educate and consult with regular and special education teachers, principals and parents to help them understand and build a repertoire of strategies
    • observe children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) as part of team involvement/consultation
    • attend regional and state Autism meetings and conferences, providing current information and resources to staff and parents
    • participate on assessment teams
    • update and maintain a current resource library and list of Internet resources pertaining to ASD

    Speech-Language Pathologists

    Our Speech-Language Pathologists (CCC-SLP) are nationally certified.

    View our other resources on our extended website.

    The role of the Speech-Language Pathologist is:

    • to serve students with identified speech-language disabilities,
    • to evaluate students with whom parents or teachers have a specific speech or language concern
    • to consult with parents and teachers about speech-language development and how disabilities may affect academic progress.

    Occupational Therapists

    The role of the OT is to work with students identified as having a disability who demonstrate needs due to sensory, perceptual or fine motor limitations that impact their ability to participate in activities related to their educational program. OT's also manage and assist in the acquisition of adaptive materials and equipment.

    School Psychologist

    The role of the School Psychologist is to consult with parents and teachers regarding behavior, development, emotional concerns and education planning; conduct crisis intervention; conduct individual and group counseling; and assist in determining student learning needs. Each School Psychologist is a special education team member; they administer intellectual, behavioral and other assessment tools and are part of the assessment team.

    Deaf/Hard of Hearing Teacher

    Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program website 

    The Edina Deaf and Hard of Hearing program includes a team of Teachers of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing and an Educational Audiologist. Edina’s team of Deaf/Hard of Hearing teachers have specialized qualifications and expertise to support and promote optimal educational development. Deaf/Hard of hearing students ages birth to 21 are served through Special Services in a variety of educational settings including home-based, early childhood center, general education, and special education throughout the school district. The Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing consults with all Individualized Education Plan (IEP) team members including parents, instructional and support staff, and students to provide unique information on the impact of a hearing loss. Students are instructed by the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Teacher directly and indirectly through a variety of stimulus-rich formats unique to children with hearing loss including:

    Academic development: General education curriculum instruction, support in classwork, direct supplanted curriculum instruction, special focus areas of reading, language arts, vocabulary, comprehension, general knowledge, and phonemic awareness.

    Disability Awareness: Coping strategies, assistive devices/technology, self-advocacy skills.

    Auditory Processing: Attending skills, auditory comprehension, and auditory memory.

    Language Development: Spoken English, American Sign Language, written language, and receptive and expressive language skills.

    Social Emotional Skills: Self-concept, self-esteem, friendship, social interaction, pragmatics and how these skills are impacted by the student’s hearing loss.

    Early Childhood Development: Regional Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Team, birth to age 3 family services, age 3-5 early intervention preschool services,

    Transition Skills: Post-Secondary, Employment, Community Participation, Home-Living, and Recreation and Leisure  

    Social Worker

    The role of the School Social Worker is to assist students, staff and parents with a variety of home or school issues that affect a students performance at school. Social Workers also connect families with community and county resources. Social Workers work with students in special education who have Individual Education Programs (IEP) and students in regular education. Service length varies from one session to an entire school year. Social Workers are members on the Edina Public Schools Crisis Team.

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