• Business Services

  • The Business Services Office is responsible for oversight of district finances, payroll, benefits and district elections. Although each of us has our specialties, we are cross-trained in many of our departmental functions.

    John Toop, Director of Business Services, ext. 4916

    • Supervise the operations of fiscal/business, food service, transportation, and buildings and grounds
    • Long range financial planning, legislation, insurance/risk management, facility projects
    • Communicate financial condition of the district to school board, administration, staff and community

    Ra Chhoth, Controller, ext. 4938

    • Budget & Accounting questions
    • Finance system access rights and changes
    • Finance system reports, information seeking
    • Account codes & Financial Reporting- UFARS requirements
    • Capital expenditure or not?
    • One card access rights, limits, and expenditure accounts
    • Budget reallocations/transfers- (not transfers of real revenues or expenditures)

    Adam Lloyd, Assistant Controller, ext. 4917

    • Budget & Accounting questions
    • Finance system reports, information seeking
    • Account codes & Financial Reporting-UFARS requirements
    • Capital expenditure or not?
    • Expenditure and revenue transfers- Journal entries
    • Finance system training for new users

    , Payroll Supervisor, ext. 4929

    • Process payroll for licensed employees – covered by TRA
    • Employee Access Center
    • Employee maintenance- direct deposit, W-4, TSA/DCP/ROTH, child support, garnishments, dues, W-2

    Carla McNevin, Payroll Specialist, ext. 4918

    • Process payroll for non-licensed employees- covered by PERA
    • Employee Access Center
    • Employee maintenance-direct deposit, W-4, TSA/DCP/ROTH, child support, garnishments, dues, W-2

    Heidi Savatdy, District Accountant, ext. 4004

    • Budget Inquiries, Accounts Payable and Accounting questions
    • Account codes & Financial Reporting- UFARS requirements
    • Charge backs and other Journal Entries
    • Vendor additions, update and 1099 inquiries
    • One card reports and monthly cardholder responsibilities
    • Capital expenditure or not?
    • Tax exempt information

    Ryan Nestrud, Accounting Specialist, ext. 4937

    • Cash Receipt Processing & Questions
    • Requisitions/Purchase Order Processing & Questions
    • Student Activities and Field Trip Accounting
    • Accounts Payable Questions
    • Non-Public Budgeting and Fiscal Monitoring

    Valerie Evans, Accounts Payable Specialist, ext. 4939

    • Vendor Entry & Processing
    • Liaison between District and Vendor with regard to Payment Status Updates
    • Maintain Accounts between Vendors & District to ensure good standing
    • Accounts Payable Review, Entry, Processing & Check Printing

    Kim McGuire, Business Office & Special Services Accounting Specialist, ext. 4936

    • Special Services accounting/PAR reporting
    • SEDRA data
    • Cash deposit preparation and coding
    • Accounts Receivable invoice entry and tracking
    • Board Finance Committee document preparation
    • Maintain Business Office/Payroll webpage

    Laurie Stangler, Benefits Specialist, ext. 4912

    • Coordinate employee benefits in partnership with HR
    • Maintain employee benefits website
    • Workers' Compensation claims

    Additional Contact Information for Benefits:

    Corporate Health Systems: Carmen Trettel, 952-939-0911, ext. 139

    • Initial and annual open enrollment in employee insurance
    • Changes to employee insurance (change of status, beneficiaries) at any time of year
    • Flexible spending accounts, health reimbursement arrangement

    Innovo Benefits Administration and Marketing LLC, 952-746-3101 or 800-829-5601

    • PEIP—Public Employees Insurance Pool
    • Questions about medical insurance for EM/E (teachers)
    • Changes still go through Corporate Health Systems

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