• CES Program Study

    • CES Program Study - Year Two (2015-16)

      Recess Pilot Initiative

      • The pilot program will explore ways to create quality and inclusive recess and out-of-school-time (OST) experiences, supervised by staff trained in engaging play, conflict resolution and strategic interventions
      • The program will explore ways to create a sustainable program that is able to operate independent of Playworks and be in line with Edina Public Schools (EPS) mission, vision and strategic goals
      • Community Education Services (CES)  Program Study Recommendations include creating a stronger alignment between all parts of the system — regular education, special services/special education, and community education — to better leverage all resources in a seamless educational delivery system, creating better alignment of learning and activities before, during and after school  
      • EPS will work with Playworks staff to customize training to include direct ties to the Edina Public School Educational Competencies, specifically:
        • Student Wellness and Engagement
        • Innovative Use of Time, Space and Talent
      • Ongoing data gathering will allow for flexibility in program implementation to ensure it meets pilot outcomes and provides a quality experience for all students

      • Deepen connections across K-5, OST staff to create a seamless system of expectations for students and families
      • Develop common language among staff, students and families around play, active learning and conflict resolution
      • Maximize Resources
        • Staffing
          • Increase retention of high quality, consistent staff (challenge in the past)
          • Reduce the use of overtime costs for playground staffing and programming
          • Utilize Playworks training into everyday work during recess and before/after school programs by OST staff
          • Student populations served in OST:
            • KIDS CLUB (grades K-3) enrollment encompasses 37% of current grade K-3 enrollment.
            • WISE GUYS (grades 4-5) enrollment encompasses 34% of current grade 4-5 enrollment.
          • Staff Engagement with students
            • School Year Program - CES staff work up to six hours per day with the school’s students as part of the KIDS Club/WISE Guys programs
            • Summer Program - CES staff work up to eight hours per day with the school’s students as part of the KIDS Club/WISE Guys summer program  
        • Professional Training
          • Adopt a train-the-trainer model with Playworks to build capacity system-wide.
          • Trainings will help to deepen staff knowledge of the power of play and recess and their role in its success.
          • Provide consistency of training - provide consistent trainings to teachers, school and OST staff, including training in:
            • Equity
            • MasteryConnect
            • CPR/First Aid
            • Special Populations
        • Finances
          • Utilize Community Education Services budgeted professional development dollars to train 40 staff – primarily OST staff in addition to select Normandale and Concord recess paraprofessionals.
            • Total Cost = $30,800
              • Customized training = $26,500
              • Trainer expenses = $4,300
          • Reduce reliance of schools on outside vendors to assist with recess activities
            • Previous costs - $5,000-$12,000 per year per school
      • Improve student experiences during recess and OST programs
        • Create an atmosphere of fun, safety and inclusiveness for all students
        • Increase amount of physical activities that students have access to
        • Create a wider variety of opportunities for movement and leisure on the playground
        • Model positive conflict resolution strategies, inclusive play and new activities for students to try
        • Decrease number of playground conflicts and increase understanding and implementation of age appropriate conflict resolution strategies that will build skills so students can resolve issues independently
        • Increase student attentiveness and readiness to learn after recess
        • Decrease the amount of recess injuries and health office visits
        • Create a positive impact on overall school climate as indicated by students, staff and families

    Who to Contact

    • General Information:  Susan Brott, Director of Communications & Community Engagement

      Evaluation Process:  Randy Smasal, Director of Teaching & Learning

      Building/Program Specific Questions: