• District Partnerships

  • Volunteer and Student

    Effective and Valued Partnerships - the reward is greater when we work together

    For many years, Edina Public Schools has placed high value on the engagement of our stakeholders in the work of the District. Working in partnership is a key component of our mission, and it is one of the “big three” initiatives of our Next Generation of Edina Public Schools strategic plan. 

    Edina Public Schools is committed to growing our successful partnerships and creating additional opportunities to advance our educational mission. The power of partnership is in its ability to serve as a multiplier for the involved parties, providing greater benefit as a combined force rather than working alone.

    To that end, Edina Public Schools has many organizational partnerships already established, and we are always interested in exploring more such opportunities. 

    Additionally, the District has several opportunities for our students, staff, families and community members to be involved, including through parent leadership organizations, advisory committees, and other volunteer experiences.

    We invite you to get involved today to help us achieve our district mission of ensuring all of our learners have the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in a rapidly changing, culturally diverse, global society