• EABC Board

  • Edina Athletic Booster Board Members

    The Mission of the Edina Athletic Booster Club is to enhance the athletic environment for all student athletes so that they may have a positive, rewarding, and fulfilling experience.

    The Edina Athletic Booster Club is governed by a formal charter, has established by-laws, and members of the Board are elected to three-year terms. EABC committees work closely with the EHS Athletic Department and various community groups to achieve the EABC mission.

    EABC Executive Committee
    President - Kelly Helgren
    Vice President - Jon Marker
    Secretary - Marit Sprenger
    Treasurer - Oliver Lerner
    Past President - Kristin Veker
    EHS Activities Director - Troy Stein

    Advertising / Marketing
    Denise Dorgan, Co-Chair 
    Gina Gilbert, Co-Chair
    Mark Jessen
    Sara Moran 
    Bean Feed
    Katie Peterson, Chair
    Annie & Steve Bishop
    Linda Enck
    Wendy Glenna
    Jennifer Middleton
    Susie Sheppers
    Lisa Taylor
    Terri Webb 
    Paul Sanda, Co-Chair
    Ken Hanson, Co-Chair
    Amy Gustafson
    Jim Nunn
    Rile Cherrey
    Tom Crowley 
    Hall of Fame Banquet
    Zibby Nunn, Co-Chair
    Maggie DeVoe, Co-Chair
    Jon Good, Chair
    Dan Hunt
    Kate Shoemaker 
    Dan & Christine Sweeney, Chairs
    Dennis & Laurie Eckberg
    Kate Shoemaker
    Bonnie Smith
    Amee & Grant LiaBraaten
    Sara Moran 
    Scholar Athlete Banquet
    Lyn Gustafson, Co-Chair
    Jayne Tuttle, Co-Chair
    Spirit Store
    Liz Burger, Co-Chair
    Cathy Kidd, Co-Chair
    Amy Gustafson 
    John & Amy Haben 
    Amee & Grant LiaBraaten
    Zibby Nunn (football, GCD) 
    Lisa Robinson
    Lisa Uihlein
    Mary Sackett
    Carrie Johnson
    Sara Moran
    Sheryl Gage 
    Patty Dronen