Classes and Camps

    Class Offerings

    Youth classes and camps for ages 3-18 extend beyond school walls, offering personalized learning opportunities not available during the traditional school day. Drivers education and college preparation courses are also offered through youth classes and camps. 

    School Year Programming

    Enrichment based classes and camps are offered before and after school, on non-school days and late start and early release days. Click below to browse the 2016-17 school year catalogs, Early Release Day and Non-School Day listings. Register for all enrichment classes here.


     March 27-31 (Spring Break) 


     Summer Programming

    Summer classes and camps provide summer enrichment and learning opportunities during summer vacation. We offer full and half day options and a supervised lunch hour so you can create a customized experience for your child.

    Children with Special Needs

    Inclusion is providing support to individuals with disabilities who want to participate in Community Education programs. A successful experience involves several steps. To ensure a positive experience and the accommodation of individual needs, call Program Manager, Jane Tierney at 952-848-4812 at least two weeks before the program starts.


    Financial Assistance

    Edina Community Education Services is dedicated to offering learning opportunities for all ages in the community. All of the financial assistance available to eligible families has been contributed by other Edina families and supportive community members. In order to receive financial assistance for a Youth/Adult class you must demonstrate financial need, be an Edina School District resident or your child must be enrolled in Edina Public Schools to qualify.
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    Youth Summer

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